OSW: ~I wish~

Two versions of the same song 1960's   and 20 years later  

What counts?

Is it "the most toys" or is it the image presented?  No these things are but illusions.  What counts is something which many today shy away from discussing or taking the time and effort to obtain - a good character.  Here are a few cogent thoughts...

Snowy Day

Lazy floating sparkling In filtered watery winter sun Snow dusts the air and trees As quiet blankets my world Warmth of home a blessing From which to view nature's artistry

Other worldly?

One of the sayings to indicate the back of beyond has been "sent to Outer Mongolia".  Who knew that it might be the equivalent of another world graced with multiple suns.  This rare phenomena recently occurred and was recorded.

NB: It's baroque

A bit flowery given to playful drama lightly dancing sound

Inspire to trust?

          Looking with hope to the outline of our way forward.  What is it that we will hear?  What is it that we will accept with confidence?  Is it something that we wishfully want to hear?  Is it something hard to hear but is essential to our...

Sunday Soothing: Silence

In silent reverie wander In winters depth as the earth rests Gathering itself to burst forth in the glory of spring The mind travels back To the riches of fall To the heat of summer What was and was not Then takes flight into...

Watchwords - Acrostic

The following two acrostics are built off of two quotes that each of us should take to heart. #1 Veracity Insists Given Information Lovingly Applied Never Commands Each   Individual Surrender   Freedom ...


Scribbles & Bits 122: "Who's sorry now, Mike?"

          Some have said that Mike had an "ace in the hole" as he approached the podium to speak.  But, "as the actress said to the bishop", that would be "telling secrets out of school".  For "to have an ace up your sleeve" you had to enter the room...