State trivia

Name this State: It capital is, Montpelier, and it is the only state capital without a Wal-Mart, a McDonald's, or a Burger King.

Two songs Irish that I like

One speaks to the fellowship of those who follow the sea.   The second speaks of rising in the face of adversity.  

Two birthday's of note

One birthday is that of the man haled as the "Father of the Constitution, and the second was the last Revolutionary War veteran, a hero of the Battle of New Orleans, to be elected President of the United States of America.   James Madison and...

Could be you are doing it wrong?

Let's just say you need/want to get some where, but you don't have a vehicle. The options are: 1. hoof it 2. borrow a bicycle 3. catch a bus 4. borrow a vehicle 5. call a cab You opt for number 5, then when the cab comes you tell the...