Battling an 'evil'

           In today's 'common wisdom' it is a given that all corporations are an evil to be combatted and restricted in its activities and influence.  So it behooves us to first to properly define and describe the 'enemy'.  If we don't know what makes...

Remembering September

The mellowing of summer's heat Leaves a lasting glow in hearts  that lasts as long as it is remembered    

If Thomas Jefferson weighed into the debate

If Thomas Jefferson were called to weigh in on several of the topics of heated debate today here are a few of the points he might just make.  These quotes have been drawn from his writings both public and private correspondence. Government power...

Do not stiff arm this Grandma, young man!

Way to go Grandma, hope this one young man learned to listen to Grandma when she says to stop running from the police! 20-Year-Old Man Fleeing Police May Never Live Down the Way He Was Captured Dave Urbanski 8/23/14 at Becky...

Scribbles & Bits 106: The Contrarian

           "Contrary to the rumors it didn't happen."  No it didn't happen the way most would think.  Back in 2010 a novice blogger was invited to visit this strange site. At the behest of one she thought was a friendly soul. For some quirky reason...

Toby aka Mindlint Update.

For all of us who love and miss Toby(Mindlint) this is nice to know.  So we can send our love via thoughts now too!

ST: what is wanted

To be seen truly To be understood as we are To not have to change ourselves to please another To be highly valued for what we've grown to be When this is found and given it needs no further stimulus

An odd thought

If actions were more important than character would we be human doings instead of human beings?  

"Growth and comfort seldom ride the same horse." Unknown

        It has been said that when one is comfortable there is no growth and when there is growth there is little comfort.  If that is the case then this period in time is an unprecedented opportunity for growth for all of us as very few can say that...