Update on Tony

Just talked with his lady wife and she said I could pass this information on to his friends and well wishers here on Thought.  "He's doing OK he will be in hiospital many another week then will go to a phsc hospital to regulate his meds  he is still...

One man's blunt explanation

to the increasing evidence of the targetting of our law enforcement personnel!   I applaud his courage and forthright assessment to which I agree!

Two Amendments

         In my estimation that there are two amendments that were only necessary because we needed to reinforce in people's minds something that should have been self-evident from one of this country's founding principles.  That principle was the...

OSW: Soothing Dream

A timeless melody that draws out a longing desire to sail away from the chaos and turmoil around us.    

Ignoring does not solve

          More than once before there were men of demigogue bent who decieved, bullied and led many to destruction.  Each time a leader of great persuasive ability convinced many that their groups vision was the right and proper way to think.  Many...

For such a time?

In the breasts of many an uneasy feeling grows, "Someone ought to"   On the streets and into our homes if one has eyes that see if one has ears that listen if one takes time to understand and has a heart that breaks Many the...


With this story you'll never look at a deck of cards in the same way!  It is a great way to remember important things in a compact deck of cards.  

Sunday Soothing: Serene

In redolent warmth the summer's evening wraps round strollers sharing joys of the days anticipating the crisp coming bounty of fall Glowing serenely the rising moon beckons in mystery shared

For friends of Tony

An update on his health has been posted by his daughter and can be seen at http://tony51203.thoughts.com/posts/--210238 You can either leave your well wishes there or here.

Relief for the "phantom" pain for amputees

While away I did a lot of reading and came across something that is a simple, non-pharmaceutical and fairly effective treatment for those who have lost lower limbs due to war or other traumatic events.   an abstract of a study conducted on...

"By the pricking of my thumbs,

Something wicked this way comes." [Macbeth Act 4, scene 1]            Yet it seems to be that when we, the self-absorbed, can traipse through our lives and not be moved by suffering and evil growing bigger and daily more bold.  When the nefarious...

A reason to ratify?

          This is a reason to ratify a deal?  According to Secretary of State John Kerry "That is a recipe very quickly, my friends, businesspeople here, for the American dollar to cease to be the reserve currency of the world – which is already...

I want one!

Now if only I had the appropriate pile of pennies!